Consolidated Container Company

Helping you help our world

Not only are we concerned about our own environmental influence, we help you in your sustainability efforts. Through our manufacturing sensitivity and partnering leadership, we have created mutual, sustainable progress for our clients' environmental impact. Here's how we do it:
  • Optimize transportation and handling efficiency through packaging and freight analysis
  • Maximize packaging efficiency and minimize waste by using alternative or blended resin
  • Utilize sustainable and PCR materials through our experiential knowledge and engineering base

A model of sustainability

Seventh Generation is known for green cleaning products that do the job and are safe for the people who use them. But what about the packaging? When Seventh Generation wanted a container that would match their sustainable, environmentally-friendly products, they came to CCC to produce the bottle. Together, we created an industry leading, 96% PCR package for household cleaning. This newly-engineered product is foundational in the next generation of sustainable packaging products. CCC is on the front lines of environmentally-minded packaging engineering.

Our culture of sustainability

At Consolidated Container Company, we strive to understand and improve upon the sustainable attributes of our products and processes. We're constantly developing new packaging that drives both economic and environmental benefit. As a leading manufacturer of over 5 billion plastic containers annually, for virtually every consumer end-use, we are uniquely positioned to make a valuable contribution to building a more environmentally sustainable world. For us, sustainability goes beyond materials, products and processes - it's a growing part of our culture. "That's why we've developed an aggressive platform of continuous improvement initiatives throughout our business that will bring value to our customers, the consumers of our products, the environment, and CCC's bottom line. We've learned that aligning our sustainability program with our core values and corporate vision is good for business - and essential to ensuring our continued success amid changing times. While our approach to sustainability will continue to evolve as we learn and grow, our customers' needs and our business value will always be at the forefront of our chosen path.

Doing Our Part

True sustainability can only work if it is part of a lifestyle pattern backed by a firm cultural and global commitment. CCC is determined to not only eliminate excess consumption and waste, but manufactures with benchmark levels of recycled materials. We've outlined some of our achievements here. The results speak for themselves.

Energy Reduction

Since we began our energy savings program in 2005, we have conserved nearly 106 MM kilowatt hours of electricity. The energy saved is equivalent to removing approximately 14,700 cars from roadways for 1 year.
Our continuous improvement efforts have yielded significant reduction in our carbon footprint. We have cumulatively reduced our total carbon emissions by over 158 MM pounds, the equivalent of planting over 30,500 acres of trees.
We continue to support the viability of the recycling infrastructure through extensive use of post consumer materials. Over the last five years, we have consumed in excess of 90 million pounds of curbside-collected HDPE.