Consolidated Container Company

Industrial-strength options.

Greener grass and shinier surfaces are great - as long as the robust chemicals used to get them can be handled safely.

That's why CCC's industrial and agricultural chemical containers are designed to be safe and durable for storage and dispensing, incorporating rigidity, structure, package integrity, and usability. This careful engineering means that customers can safely and reliably purchase, transport, store, and use these specialty chemicals with reduced fear of injury or property damage.

CCC's packaging also supports product branding, with labeling options, precise color matching, and modern packaging design for strong market appeal.
Safely look at the underside of plastic bottles around your own house, and you just might find the CCC logo there, helping keep the grass greener on your side of the fence.
Examples of our Custom or Branded Designs

Bayer Insect
Killer HDPE

Pet Essentials
Cat Litter HDPE

Ortho Fire
Ant Killer HDPE

Purina Tidy
Cats Litter HDPE

Home Depot
Sprayer 32 oz. HDPE

Industrial Cleaner 1 Gal. HDPE

Stock Examples

32 oz. Carafe

1 Gal. F Style
Slant HDPE

1 Gal. Industrial
Round HDPE

2.5 Gal.
F Style HDPE

1 Gal. F Style
Slant HDPE

16 oz. Round

32 oz. Oval