Consolidated Container Company

Clean up the competition.

To really shine in the quest for market share with today's consumers, plastic containers for household chemicals need shelf appeal, high-impact branding, and durable, reliable packaging. Whether you need a simple container with a handle, a dual neck container with a spout, or an angle-neck dispensing squeeze-bottle, CCC has you covered.

CCC's bottles achieve that delicate balance between cost-effective product weighting and the durability required to stand up to the rigors of the supply chain through final end use.

Our containers can brighten store shelves with either opaque or clear bottles, with bottle tinting, precise color matching, and in-mold, heat-transfer and pressure sensitive labels, as well as heat shrink graphic compatibility. And we're doing our part in leading environmental stewardship by producing millions of plastic bottles with some of the highest percentages of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content seen in the marketplace. These processes and initiatives demonstrate sustainability practices for both CCC and its customers.

Smelling like a rose
We value what our customers value, and our partnership with Seventh Generation is a great example of how two companies can work together toward a common goal to produce shining results. Our Engineering, Design and Development group works closely with the packaging team at Seventh Generation to continually discover how we can keep raising the bar on sustainable packaging. Our most recent success, the 25 oz. Natural Dish Liquid bottle, is made with over 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.
Examples of our Custom or Branded Designs

Lysol Wipes
Canister HDPE

Purex Fabric
Softener 44 oz. HDPE

Seventh Generation
Hand Wash 12 oz. HDPE

Rug Doctor
32 oz. HDPE

Awesome Spot
Remover 32 oz. HDPE

Woolite Laundry
Detergent 50 oz. HDPE

Palmolive Eco Dishwasher
Detergent 75 oz. HDPE

Awesome All Purpose
Cleaner 64 oz. HDPE

Stock Examples

96 oz. Pitcher Round HDPE

32 oz. Spray Oval HDPE

60 oz. Drainback Laundry HDPE

22 oz. Spray Oval HDPE

64 oz. Drainback Laundry HDPE

40 oz. Drainback Laundry HDPE